Psn 12 deals of christmas leaked

I'm not a big fps fan but do like to shoot some stuff every now and again. ShaiHulud A different opinion here, I'm also a single-player guy and loved the campaign of Titanfall 2.

When is Black Friday 12222?

It's shorter than the campaign of Doom, yes, but both are great. It's really cool to control a titan, the gameplay is solid and it has an interesting narrative. ShaiHulud personally I thought the campaign for Titanfall 2 was one of the better ones in a long time!

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I paid full price for it and loved the game. I found Doom ran out of steam towards the end and got a bit samey. Thanks for the feedback chaps. I don't mind a brief campaign - in fact, my only criticism on Doom would also be that it was a tad overlong. I'll be downloading this today! Cthulhu and Uncharted are the only ones that interest me, and I already have those.

I've played Dying Light already on another platform, and I'm not that keen to re-buy it yet. I enjoyed the gameplay mechanics but think it tries too much to have a dramatic or emotive story. There's also some interesting Indie games on sale, in yet another sale. ShaiHulud iplayed single player its good. ShaiHulud yes. It'd be nice if the Titanfall 2 mp picks up a bit,deffo the sp alone is worth the asking price. Fantastic game. Nicer mechanics than cod. Should really of waited for a sale on Call of Cthulhu i guess as i am yet to dig into it..

But its pretty great apparently,especially for avid Lovecraft fans like myself. In addition to the 12 Deal of Christmas promotion, we also have an amazing offer on select PS4 tiles on PlayStation Store starting today, running until 23rd December. Seems a lot? Sony, some advice. Update the store before posting this blog.

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You will get more sales that way. Dishonored 2 offer was somewhat okayish. I was sure it would be in the sale. Good luck to yis. Damn, so the leaked list was true then. Well this confirms the leaked list so far, I guess my money will be kept in my pocket this year aswell, looking forward to January sale though. Too bad I have Skyrim on ps3, which is not updated for free. Last years 12 deals of xmas was pitiful. This year keeps that tradition. Nothing for us Vita owners.

Only title remotely interested is a certain RPG which has been in developement forever, but physical easily replaces that.

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Pretty sure I posted this already but it seems to have vanished… Sony Europe have something against free speech as well as proper sales? Can we actually get someone answering our questions instead of having posts deleted or going ignored? And you wonder why consumer confidence is knocked. No offence but if a persons intention is to re sell their games at a future point why would they be remotely bothered about the prices on the store?

Psn 12 deals of christmas leaked batman

The fact that it is offered at a lower price than the high street is surely the best people can hope for, it was just the assumption that the price had not been lowered that riled people without in fact checking whether the deal was live on the actual store, which it was not. A tip! I there is a blog update on store pricing, I have always found it best to wait a few hours to check the store.

I think it takes a while to update to all stores. Use PSN credit to get it cheaper. Time for me to boast that I got Crash Bandicoot for this price at launch :. ValeYard Member. Oct 25, Even moar sales? Seriously though, Black Friday did me for this year. Will be curious if anything matching those deals comes up. I Battlefront 2 is in there around the Last Jedi's release. Bishop89 Member. Oct 25, 11, Melbourne, Australia. Retail pulled out the big guns. Every title has Been cheaper at retail to my surprise.

All Playstation PSN Deals, Discounts & Sales for October 12222

Kwigo Avenger. Oct 27, 2, Nier, come on! Knight in Shining Armani Member. Oct 30, 5, Hellblade time, babeh. Atolm Member.

PS4 BUY 1 GET 1 FREE - PlayStation 12 Deals of Christmas DAY ONE EU

Oct 25, 2, The Masked Mufti said:. Bauer91 Member. I really want to play Crash but thankfully this price isn't that good, as I still haven't even started the games I got during Black Friday! My guess is it'll be cheaper during the January sale. Atolm said:. Ametroid Member.

Oct 27, 5, Sony killing it with these PSN sales happens very often. Last edited: Nov 30, Nov 6, 1, The entire X-Mas deals list will probably be leaked again like the previous two years. Nirolak Member. Oct 25, 5, You can tell it's an EU deal because it says Christmas. OrdinaryPrime Self-requested ban Banned. Oct 27, 11, Nirolak said:. Katonix Member. Falchion Member. Oct 25, 21, Virginia Beach.

Psn 12 deals of christmas leaked batman

I want a 12 days of Christmas sale in NA Falchion said:. Acquiescence said:. Chocobo Member. Oct 27, Sweden. It's always retail games, right?

PlayStation Store’s 12 Deals of Christmas – discount #4 now live

Wondering what the chances for a deep discount on Hellblade are. Aniki Member. Oct 25, 4, I hope there is nothing that I want. I already bought too much in the last few sales. EU got really great deals as of late. I'm envious.